The Angry Rash

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Torture Songs...

Wow. Bono's golden pipes may have been used to beat a detainee into a mental stupor by Uncle Sam? Unbefreakinglievable! Hey spooks, at least choose something by a deceased composer - try to exhibit the decency that Col. Kilgore showed in Apocalypse Now. I bet you guys didn't even pay a royalty for that "professional use."

I see the potential for a whole new genre of muzak that can be piped into Gitmo...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Meet the Press...

Tim R. had the Governator - Arnold S. - on this weekend. Arnold was cheerful and jockular even when Tim put the screws to him. The best was Arnold’s explanation of why he took the state of California’s budget into the red. He said something to the effect that, it’s an investment for the future... He is a funny man. Also liked his remarks on Iraq - he said it’s easy to look back and point fingers - that we need to stick with the president now, because who could have predicted this situation etc... Uh, Gov - a tangled web he weaves when the Prez practices to...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Racist Americans

Granted Bush has proven he’s not a able debater, economist, businessman, orator, president or even moderately intelligent. But surely with all the brilliant minds that surround him, at least a handful in the know, if not all, understood that this deal would cause an uproar. After the Associated Press broke the story, the administration was forced to trot out a sleepy, clueless Bush to quell the country’s concerns by calling us...racist. Uh....right. And that eloquent response was written, approved etc. by the brilliant minds surrounding the Prez? These would be the brilliant minds that approved the Ports deal? Hmmm....

Ports Deal

Security issues aside, I think the question is whether we want to continue to openly support business from majority muslim countries, like the UAE, that have done little in the public spectrum to prevent terrorism. Sure we dock navy ships there, but Dubai is the shopping capital of the Middle East - what better place to stop off and stock up?

But really, if the administration needs an out, then blame us, “US public opinion prohibits permitting DP World, a UAE state owned company, to operate our ports.” Maybe they’d get the message.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

VP Sets Record! 4 Days - No Lies!

The VP remained silent four days setting a new record among administration personnel for no lies to the country. However, when Dick Cheney heard about his streak he immediately set up an interview with Brit Hume to “...nip that in the bud.” The “honor” is not one Cheney is pleased to have on his record.

The previous record for no lies to the country was held by W when he stopped lying the entire time a pretzel was stuck in his throat. W also had a brief stint in speaking truthfully in June 2002, when he made some candid remarks during a colonoscopy. However, that occasion doesn’t count for the record, because at the time Bush had invoked Section 3 of the 25th Amendment and temporarily transferred presidential powers to VP Cheney.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Wages Jihad on Quail! Whittington Caught In Crossfire!

Last week a whitehouse intern reportedly overheard the VP's side of a telephone conversation in which he described his upcoming weekend getaway to the Armstrong Ranch. "Those little buggers hide, you know? And there's no telling when they're going to pop out at you. Like the terrorists...they're just like the terrorists. And that Armstrong Ranch is overrun with terrorists...I mean quail. I told the boys, 'We're going to track them down to the very bush they're hiding in and we're gonna flush them out.'"

When pressed about how he managed to accidentlly shoot Whittington, Cheney dodged the question, "I will not allow my hunting buddies to be used as human shields! I will hunt down every last one of those terrorists and...I mean quail, and I will kill them."

Dick Cheney

Cheney The Kid

Whittington sent word through a hospital official that he would have no comment on the shooting incident out of respect for Cheney. It's remarkable how a shotgun blast to the face can crystalize one's respect for a friend like Dick Cheney.

Cheney is described as a "very safe sportsman." He will only use a kill shot on game.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bush Waffles!

W and Connie spoke out against the Muslim violent protests regarding the mohammed cartoons...finally. It’s nearly taken a week. “Our” initial condemnation of the cartoons was issued before protests and protesters were completely beyond the rational (although over the top from the beginning IMHO). The protests evolved into life threatening destruction shortly thereafter and our infallible president was AWOL. Maybe he was still knee deep in empathy for the country’s plight (TAR Feb. 1st). Thankfully, he waffled.

The State Department’s condemnation of the publication of the cartoons last week was an obvious smooch on the ring piece of a few allies. Bummer. Freedom of speech (aka: freedom to talk trash) seems like a big one to can for a few warm feelings from some people that need to learn to play nicely with others.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Old School Muslims...yawn...

I would never make it as a Muslim - even if I were feeling religious. The constant Jihad response ruins it for me. I have a heck of a time just keeping a straight face when I'’m bluffing in poker, so I can't imagine running around threatening people with a beheading - whew, that'’s old school. Will Muslims ever join the modern world and let the tenets of Islam pertain to Muslims alone, rather than try to bully the rest of the world into complying with their beliefs?